Weekly Back Cove Starting LineThe halfway point for the 2010 Back Cove Weekly Series has passed, this week with wins from Matt Lutzke in 16:13 and Emily Attwood in 19:39. Temperatures were a welcome relief, hovering in the high 70s with a slight breeze after a heat wave with temperatures nearing 100 over the past few days.

There were a lot of barefoot runners this week, probably 6 or 8 that I noticed. Nice to see it becoming so popular.

I started out running with my wife, but saw somebody I wanted to chat with a little and she pulled ahead. When I caught back up to her, I didn’t stay with her too long before running ahead where I saw a guy that ran the black fly race a few weeks ago so I ran with him and chatted a bit. Then I picked up the pace again and went a little quicker as the race went on, passing 3 or 4 barefooters on the way. One of them finished with a bloody foot; she wasn’t too happy. Oops. Thankfully, she just had a little cut on her toe.

In the overall standings, I moved back to fourth place this week despite dropping 65 seconds off of my cumulative time as my week 3 race is no longer used as one of my top 6. This works out well for me in the long run, though, as I should be able to drop my week 9 race pretty easily.

Not that it will matter very much. Dave Manz is still in first place despite not running this week with his 1:46:35. Lily Childress ran her 6th race, which popped her right into a strong lead on the women’s leaderboard with a cumulative time of 2:02:53, about 11 and a half minutes ahead of another new arrival on the leader board in Christy McAllister, who herself has an almost 10 minute lead.

So, since we’ve passed the halfway point, here are some stats:

In 9 races, 79 people have run at least the 6 required races in order to appear on the leaderboard, and 6 people have run the race every week for the past 9 weeks. Of the 922 people that have registered for the races, 694 people have actually run at least once and have crossed the finish line a total of 1,860 times.

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