Course record!The World Marathon Majors 2009-2010 season will most likely be decided tomorrow, as all of the top players in both the men’s and women’s races are running Chicago so none of the New York City runners are in contention unless there are some major upsets.

The Americans should be able to put in a strong showing on the women’s side, but I expect that for the men it will remain a race within a race with Ryan Hall having dropped out a few weeks ago.

Times may not be as quick as they’ve been in years past with some high temperatures expected, but hopefully there will be enough water and the race won’t be shut down early like it was a few years ago.

Watch this video for a preview of who to watch for during the race:



If you aren’t running, the race will be broadcast live by NBC 5 Chicago if you live in the area or you can be watch it online at or at Universal Sports.

I’m planning on watching the coverage at NBC Chicago just because Deena Kastor will be riding the media truck providing coverage of the women’s race and it will be interesting to hear what somebody that actually knows the sport of running has to say.

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