MDI Starting Line CannonI volunteered at the 2010 Mount Desert Island Marathon, so I wasn’t able to catch up with everybody that I wanted to at the finish line as many had already left by the time I got there and others just never came into my line of sight when I was actually able to move over to catch them.

I did manage 3 interviews, however. Jamie Anderson is a good friend and fellow Trail Monster, and I’ve gotten to know the race director, Gary Allen, over this past Summer since I ran his ultramarathon back in July. The third interview was with Patrick Finney, who was just a random person that I struck up a conversation with and who had an interesting story, some of which I didn’t learn about until we actually began talking.

So, here are all 3 interviews back to back to back:

Video Transcription


If you’d like to learn a bit more about the race, check out my previous article on it here: