IMG_0957I had the pleasure of volunteering at the 2010 Mount Desert Island Marathon and had my camera out to capture some video at the starting line and at the half-marathon point. I also got a few interviews at the finish line once everybody had passed through the half marathon.

The race couldn’t have been run on a more perfect day, with Maine foliage at it’s peak Autumn colors and nice cool temperatures to greet their runners as they made their way along the coastline. I definitely want to try to fit this race into my calendar next year.

The starting line was interesting, because they used an actual cannon with a fuse. It’s much larger than the Maine Track Club cannon, but despite making the runners wait in anticipation for it to fire it wasn’t nearly as loud as I’d been expecting.

At the half marathon, there was a bigger lead pack than I’d been expecting which came through in 77:34. Louie Luchini followed up with a 74:20 over the second half of the race to set the course record; wish I’d been there to see the finish.

Video Transcription


If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from all of this, it’s that I need to interview at least one person that is near my height so that I don’t seem like I’m abnormally short after the fact…