Christmas has come and gone, and for some reason I had to get sick over the weekend. Oh well. I went back to the gym today and had a great workout, but it left me exhausted. Well worth it, though. One more week of my current 3 days a week workout and then on to something new. Which means I have a week to write it up. Which also means I have a week to write up what I am going to have the fiancé do.

Here’s where you come in. What suggestions would you have for me to work in for either of us? I am going to be concentrating on core fitness for January, with a lot of swiss ball work. I will be going to the gym, but she will be workout out at home. I am not going to have her do a lot of lower body work since it is not really important for her goals. She gets plenty in from her other activities. Available tools include a weight bench with standards, dumbbells, a curling bar, a swiss ball, and a sit up board. Everything else is either in storage or been lost over the years.