Earlier I asked for advice on what to have my fiancé do to start getting into shape with weight training. (Core Fitness Suggestions) We started yesterday.

I still am not sure exactly what she will be doing on a regular basis, but the first plan of action is to build up a base and to stick to some simple exercises that can be done at home until the gym opens in a month or so.

The end goal is going to be three times per week lifting weights, two or three times per week of cardio work (once the gym opens), two or three times per week of ice skating, and at least one hour per week of dancing. The only new bit is the weight training.

Given time constraints and other plans, it was a fairly short workout. She warmed up by doing yoga.

  1. Swiss ball dumbbell presses.
  2. Pushups.
  3. Swiss ball dumbbell bicep curls.
  4. Swiss ball dumbbell tricep extensions.
  5. Stretching.
  6. Inverse chinups and pullups.
  7. Situps on a situp bench.
  8. Torso rotations on the situp bench.
  9. Swiss ball crunches.

The common theme is the swiss ball; the general idea is to help the figure skating by working on balancing herself as she does the exercises. I am going to have her do as much as possible while sitting or laying on the ball so that she has to stabilise herself. She was going on approximately a minute rest between sets.

I am going to figure out tomorrow what I will be having her do on Wednesday.