For the past few weeks, I have been doing a new weekly workout routine. It involves lifting 3 days a week, and works specific muscles a bit more than my last phase of lifting, which was more designed to get my muscles reacquanted with lifting weights.

Each day of the workout, I concentrate on a different group of muscles. I will post the specific sets that I do for each day on the day I am going to do it, and the links below will become live on those days. Each exercise is followed by 50-60 seconds of rest before starting the next set. The muscles worked each day (and the number of exercises for each muscle group) are:

  • Monday
    1. Chest (3)
    2. Biceps (2)
    3. Triceps (2)
    4. Abs (2)
  • Wednesday
    1. Quads (3)
    2. Hamstrings (2)
    3. Calves (2)
    4. Abs (2)
  • Friday
    1. Back (3)
    2. Shoulders (3)
    3. Abs (2)

If you decide to follow this workout, you do not need to do the same workouts on the days that I do them; it just happens to fit my schedule. I would try to have at least 1 day of no lifting between each session, however. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have either been taking the day off or getting into the pool to swim for half an hour or so. The first 2 or 3 laps can be a bit interesting depending upon how sore I am, but I always loosen up shortly thereafter. Now that I have started running again, I will probably go out for a 5 mile run on days that the weather is conducive for doing so and swim on the days that it is not. I am also planning on getting at least 1 run if not 2 on the weekends.