Timex Casual Expansion Band Mens Watch - 78587 Pay attention to how tight your watch is while you are working out. If it is too loose, it can spin around on your wrist or fall off. Or, it could just be an annoyance. It is fairly easy to tell when you watch is too loose. Something that I have noticed, though, is that often times people will make their watches too tight on their wrists. It is not as easy to tell when your watch is too tight as when it is too loose. A too tight watch means that:

  • You may lose circulation.
  • Your hand may become numb.
  • You will have a weaker grip.

If you lose circulation, your hand will get a little numb. If you are doing some sort of cardiovascular activity, especially outside in the cold, then your body will already be supplying less blood to the extremities and this can accelerate your hand getting cold. If you are lifting weights, your grip may not be as strong and it may not be as safe to lift the weight you are trying to push.

Is this something to be really concerned about? Not really. Your wrist may swell a little during physical activity, but chances are that you have it correctly adjusted anyway. It is just one of those little things you can check, especially with a new watchband, to improve the overall experience. I tend to set my watch as loose as I can without it moving around on my wrist. Depending upon the day and my mood, that can be one of 2 or 3 different notches on the band.