Asafa PowellAsafa Powell has run 100 meters in 9.77 seconds for the third time, this time in Zurich at the Weltklasse Golden League meet earlier today.

“It felt good out there,” said Powell, who led from start to finish, with American Tyson Gay finishing second in a personal best of 9.84. […] His latest record run came despite an arduous trip from Jamaica, which took three days because of disruptions caused by the alleged terror plot to blow up trans-Atlantic flights from London.

He is coming close to setting a new world record. He is consistently matching his current record, which only one other person has managed to run so far. Justin Gatlin broke the record on May 12 in 9.76, but his time was raised by a second after it was discovered that there had been a rounding error. Now, Gatlin stands to lose his record due to doping charges, in which case Asafa Powell will sit alone at the top again.

I expect that we will see a new record by the end of this year. Asafa Powell is absolutely dominating the distance right now. Hopefully he will set a new record and can own it by himself, so that people can mention his feat (which he has owned for over a year now) without bringing Gatlin into the conversation.

(Source: BBC News)