Maine Today PhotoA couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by a woman from the Portland Press Herald about my habits listening to podcasts, particularly the Phedippidations show produced by Steve Walker.

The article was published in today’s paper, and despite the article not being about me (it just includes a few quotes), a picture of me is taking up about 1/3 of the front of the inside section that it appears in. A small sidebox appears on the front page of the paper that tells folk to look inside to read the story, which to my mind means I made the front page, right? Both pictures are above the fold, even.

Very exciting for myself, and hopefully of at least marginal interest to you.

Maine Today front page screenshotMaine has the picture on it’s home page (at least for the moment). Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear on the article itself. The home page article is not going to last very long, but here is a screenshot that you can click on to get a larger version.