This morning I wrote about how Dean Karnazes finished running his 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. He later wrote over at his website, Endurance Is, about his next goal. I was wrong; he’s not going for the seven continents in a week. Instead, he is going to run home from New York City. He lives in San Francisco.

Today is the most liberating, terrifying, exciting, and confusing day of my life. I am walking out of a hotel room in New York City, and running west. Why west? Because that is the direction of my house in San Francisco. Yes, I am running home from the New York City Marathon, the final marathon of the Endurance 50, across the country back to my house.

More power to him. Some friends of mine ran from the Pacific to the Atlantic in a Coast to Coast run, but they did it as a relay. I do not think that I could spend that much more time away from my family, but I am still envious of the endeavor.

I have seemed to come down with a cold after my marathon, so I’m too tired to write more about New York until tomorrow. Sorry.