A boy swimming by richelleantipolo

Photo by richelleantipolo
This tip does not apply to people who use speedos or other tight swim trunks. It is for the average men like myself that just use a regular old beach bathing suit when they swim laps in the pool. Before you get in, remember to tie your draw string and make sure that it is tight.

It can be embarassing to push off of the wall and discover that your swim trunks are around your ankles.

For the record, this did not happen to me today. I felt them slipping and managed to grab them and tie them. However, it used to happen on a regular basis when I would go lake swimming after a run. Running shorts and diving off of a dock provided no end of amusement to the local kids, who got to see a lot of painful belly flops mixed in with the shorts sliding any time I managed to do one right. Running shorts without draw strings do not mix well with diving.