This week last year I celebrated the first anniversary of owning my first house. Which means that this year I’d be celebrating the 2nd anniversary, except that I’m down here in Atlanta taking a class (and running a marathon tomorrow) instead.

  • This week last year I pondered whether elite athletes should drop out of races. Basically, I figure that unless they are actually sick or injured, they should complete the race if they are being paid an appearance fee. If they need to actually win in order to cash, then I have no problems with them dropping out.
  • Some friends of mine attempted to raise $1500 to fund research on multiple sclerosis by participating in a 50 mile walk called the MS Challenge. They made their goal and then some.
  • In running news, it was announced that all Nike shoes would be Nike+ compatible by the end of 2007. The public beta of Map My Run launched, although I was a little less than overwhelmed by the new version of the service.
  • This week 2 years ago, I described how much Bulgarian split squats burn, and continued the New Rules series by offering up some thoughts on the sixth and seventh rules. (I was moving into a new house, after all.)