Bathrobe at the Finish LineThis past weekend I ran my first back-to-back marathons with the New Hampshire Marathon on Saturday and the Maine Marathon on Sunday.

I came into this race feeling really good despite having run a marathon the day before other than a small muscle pull that I got relatively early into the previous race.

The goal of running a sub-3 wasn’t going to happen, so instead I concentrated on just having a good time and running at a pace that wasn’t going to make my injury any worse than it already was, for which goals I think that I was pretty successful at.

I also have to admit that I learned a new trick at the finish line, as seen in this photo of Jakobi Holz and myself. Now you can’t look at that and tell me it isn’t a brilliant idea!



So until next time, thanks for watching and thanks for the good thoughts, and all the cheering that you guys have done for me over the last week or so as I’ve been getting ready for this back to back. It’s definitely much appreciated.

Back to Back Marathon Attempts

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