There was a good range of topics last year, ranging from weight lifting programs to how to cook an egg to catching an arsonist.

  • I detailed my 3 day per week regimen: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I think that it is fair to note that while that workout regimen worked for me at the time, I do not plan on ever revisiting it since I have seen much better results from avoiding machines and sticking entirely to free weights and pulleys.
  • On the diet front, I discussed my thoughts on intuitive eating. I also wrote about how to make a good egg sandwich. I described how I get the perfectly round shape without wasting money on a toaster that can do it for you.
  • I asked what people thought about saunas; I have to admit that I really enjoyed using it last year when I had access to one.
  • I linked to an animated ab exercise and discussed an alternative. Scott from Straight to the Bar chimed in with a comment on how to do a similar exercise with just a weight plate.
  • In local news, the arsonist was arrested who burnt down the gymnasium at Fryeburg Academy.
  • Stefano Baldini got the Olympics started by beginning the Olympic torch relay in Italy. I saw Baldini at the New York Marathon this year.

There was also some football news that is no longer all that relevant.