Day 1 of this workout regimen concentrates on the chest, arms, and abs. Begin with a thorough warm-up that will elevate your heart rate and wake your muscles up. You may want to do a little stretching before you start lifting. After each set, take 50-60 seconds rest and then start the next set. After each specific exercise, take the same 50-60 seconds; it may take a little longer to get the weights or machine set for the next exercise so don’t worry if you can’t keep to under a minute for rest. If you don’t have access to the machines then most of these exercises can easily be replaced with dumbbell or barbell exercises. The specific exercises are:

  • Chest
    1. Flat dumbbell press (or bench press): 4@6-10
    2. Incline dumbbell press (or incline bench press): 4@6-10
    3. Pec Dec Machine (or butterflies): 3@10-15
  • Biceps
    1. Standing Barbell Curls: 4@8-10
    2. Preacher Curls: 3@8-15
  • Triceps
    1. Dips: 3@10-15
    2. Push Downs: 4@10-15
  • Abs
    1. Hanging Leg Raises: 4@15-20
    2. Rotary Torso Machine: 3@15-20

The number of sets is followed by the number of repetitions to do for each set. So, 4@6-10 would be 6 to 10 reps for each of 4 sets.

This is a part of one of my 3-Day a Week Workout Regimens.