Justin Gatlin was at the top of his game when he tied the 100 meter world record. After doping allegations, though, he faces an 8 year ban from international competition and being stripped of his records. Out of work but still a world class athlete, he explored a career in the NFL.

Now, he has made another (short term) career move. He is going to help coach the Woodham High School track team in their last track season before the school closes. He graduated from the school in 2000, and wants to help them reach a state championship.

“It’s beyond exciting,” said senior Joshua Jones, who runs the 400 meters and 300-meter hurdles. “Justin Gatlin for us, being from Woodham High School … he’s the biggest thing in our track lives right now. He’s a model. He’s what we want to be.”

I think this is a great move for him. His case is still pending appeal, and I enjoyed watching him race and followed his career. I do think that he should be banned for his latest doping scandal, but I do not think that his first misunderstanding in college with a ritalin prescription should effect his professional career. My two cents are barely worth that, though.

I hope that he is as good of a coach and motivator as he is a sprinter. I think that it could really help those kids out to have somebody like him to help guide them along. Assuming, of course, that he keeps up his talk about cheating, and does not at any point in time encourage those kids to use steroids. I do not expect that he will.

(Source: ESPN.com)