This week last year was pretty light article wise, but what was there was mostly worth reading. There were some amazing stories about people and animals, and I offer some great workout tips with a book review. Meaty stuff!

  • In a counterpoint to the week before’s animated article, this week last year I continued the animated how-to’s with how to do chinups. I also shared one of the best workout tips that you will find anywhere: always eat breakfast.
  • On the nutrition front, I also reviewed one of my favorite nutrition books, Eat Smart, Play Hard. I wrote about that book earlier this week when I discussed all of my favorite nutrition books.
  • In the Extreme Sports news category, a Canadian woman wrestled a polar bear after she noticed it eying her son. She started out by kicking and punching the bear, which was about 8 times larger than her, but it swatted her to ground where they started rolling around on each other.
  • In other vaguely wrestling related news, a deer tried to bandit the Austin Freescale Marathon. Matt Tillinghast got tackled by the deer on the starting line, but decided to run anyway despite being nauseous and disoriented for the first three miles. This year’s race was last weekend, but I did not see his name in the finisher’s results so my guess is that he did not come back with a “Watch out for flying deer” shirt after all.