This week last year was a busy one, and ran a pretty wide range of topics.

  • I began the week by continuing the discussion of technology and fitness by describing 7 ways to time workouts. This article ran the technological ladder from using the sun to using an RFID chip on your shoe.
  • In a very unique race, 56 people ran blind in the Vision 5k. Half of them were actually blind and the other half were sighted runners taking the blindfold challenge. This would be a fun race for me and one that I believe that I could do well at, except that I can’t afford the time to get down to Boston multiple times for mandatory “training” sessions.
  • Almost 4 months before Ryan Shay died in the Olympic Trials, I discussed whether running a road race will kill you. I still believe that running is inherently healthy and that the infinitesimal chance of having a heart attack is not something that I am personally going to worry myself about.
  • On a lighter note, I followed up that morbid discussion by defining some common running terms that you may encounter. Specifically, I defined what it means to get “girled” or “geezered” in a race. Sadly, I did not hear any of the women at the Maine Coast Half Marathon complain about getting “guyed”.
  • On a non-running related note, I shared my thoughts on attending minor league games, specifically baseball games.
  • This week two years ago was pretty busy.
  • This week 3 years ago, I reviewed Thorlos socks and I got punched by an Olympic Gold Medalist. My wife also did a workout that I would never even attempt, and it was only the first workout of the day. Even 3 years later, I wouldn’t attempt that kind of a workout. I’m still amazed by it.